Crucial for your business data

The importance of performing a regular backup cannot be overstated, yet it is often met with a blase attitude from many. Simply copying files to a USB stick, does not provide robust recovery following an unexpected critical failure of your server. Steve Blake understands the importance of business continuity and the value of your data.

How good is your current backup system?

Backups primarily serve two purposes. Firstly to restore to a working state any server that has catastrophically failed i.e. a disaster recovery. Secondly they enable the restoration of files that have been accidentally deleted or corrupted. Backups are only any good in association with a tested, documented restore strategy. For business critical systems and data, the restoration process must be tested as well as the backup strategy.

Thought must also be given to the storage of backups. Locating the backups on-site may be unwise, since a disaster such as fire, flood or theft is likely to mean the loss of the original and backup data.

Remote replication backup service

The remote replication of your backup is a cost effective, secure and robust strategy to employ for those serious about their business data – and that should include everyone. This off-site backup solution is not as expensive as you may think. Neither does it necessarily include a faceless on-line data storage company. Small businesses can greatly benefit from cost savings by deploying a backup storage device located at remote offices – or even at the MD’s home, using secure encryption of data sent over a broadband connection.

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