Wireless network setup.

Enjoy the freedom a wireless network brings to your home.

Woman with laptop in gardenWhether checking email, surfing the internet, share-dealing or streaming Game of Thrones, a wireless network installation allows you to do it from anywhere in your home, garden, conservatory or garage, unrestricted by the need for untidy cables. Feel reassured that your wireless connection is secure, so you don’t have to worry about strangers using your internet connection for free!

Every family member can share music, movies or pictures stored on other computers in your home and enjoy the benefits of internet access at the same time. Any hardware that you need (router, wireless adapter etc) can be supplied at competitive prices.



Wired network setup.

Benefit from higher data transfer rates

A wired network offers much faster data transfer speeds, ideal if you regularly work with large files between computers. The downside is of course that your computer needs to be physically connected with a patch cable – not a problem if your computer is located close to the router, but this method does not provide the mobility of a wireless network.

Sounds good, what’s not included?

Wireless network setup

Basic cost of installation includes the setting up of your wireless router and one wireless device. Additional networked devices charged at £10. Prices quoted do not include any hardware i.e. routers, network adapters, cables etc that may be needed.

Wired network setup

The basic cost of installation of a single wired network device located in your home in the same room as router excludes any hardware. Network cable will be supplied upto 2m in length. Additional devices can be connected subject to survey.

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