Many people are still using Vista despite the fact that Microsoft is no longer issuing security patches.

If you’ve shelled out a large sum on a high spec machine and your Vista PC is otherwise working well, then an upgrade to Windows 10 may be seen as cost-effective. For ageing entry level devices, you should question the economics of doing so.

False economy

Hard drives and system boards do fail when they get older. Old PCs are less power efficient – they use more electricity than newer ones.  Upgrading Vista to Windows 7 or 10 only then to have a hardware failure and having to take your chances with someone else’s junk on ebay after finding out your motherboard is obsolete is the epitome of throwing good money after bad.

Vista upgrade
Vista – it’s time to upgrade.

If your Vista PC is running well and does everything you need it to, then an upgrade to Windows 7 is a possibility. Checks should be made on both the hardware and software to confirm their compatibility with Windows 7.

Generally, I think an upgrade to Windows 10 is a better proposition. It is more secure and will be supported by Microsoft beyond the deadline for Windows 7 (2020). There is no upgrade adviser utility to test the feasibility from Vista to Windows 10 however. So it is possible that after checking and upgrading from Vista to Windows 7, an upgrade to Windows 10 is not possible or maybe ill-advised.

So what to do?

If your PC is old entry level spec, invest in a new built computer with Windows 10. You’ll be amazed at the increase in performance.  Better value as well as improved performance is had from computers built by independent suppliers. Unlike badged computers, our bespoke machines are not hamstrung from new by the plethora of utilities, duplicated apps and other junkware that manufacturers install.

Use the contact form or give me a call on 01482 571100 for a no obligation quotation. Existing files, photos etc can be transferred, so nothing is lost. Email accounts can also be migrated.

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